The following research projects are in progress

Meaningful Work

Alexandru Sîrbu

Meaningful work is a construct pertaining specifically to the work design and positive psychology domains and more broadly, to the work and organizational literature.

The purpose of the current research effort is to empirically test the theoretical framework in which meaningful work is the focal construct, to extend the current knowledge on the subject by investigating associations with relevant constructs which themselves impact the workplace, to propose a new measure of meaningless work which can be used to investigate the implications of a sense of purposeless work on employee’s health, and by proposing an intervention which fosters individual’s sense that their work is important and worthwhile.

Design of Assessment Reports

Roxana Spînu

This research stream addresses the methods of designing an assessment report, based on theories and concepts from cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics.

The general objective of the research is to make the assessment reports more efficient so that the results communicated to the decision-maker to be actionable.

Specifically, we will know if any of the following are efficient: (a) describing the exact score of the candidate, (b) highlighting the important characteristics for the job, (c) presenting the results of several tests in an integrated format, (d) describing scores in behavioural terms, (e) offering a summary, and (f) aggregating the results of several candidates in a single report.

Personality Dynamics in The Workplace

Andrei Georgescu

The aim of this stream of research will be focused on investigating within-person processes in behavior manifestation, with the aim to contribute and provide evidence for more recent theories of personality, such as Whole-Trait Theory and PersDyn, as well as it is intended to have contributions in applied psychology and personnel selection studies, with the development of an instrument that can potentially capture within-person variability at one moment in time.

Currently, The AID Lab has the following research interests

Individual differences in the workplace:

> New constructs: Emotional Intelligence, Emotion Regulation, Grit, Emic Traits
> Uncovering complex predictor(s) – criteria relationships: Understanding dynamic reciprocal relationships between P-E Fit and workplace-relevant outcomes;
> Test functioning in work-related settings


> Personality strength [ongoing research]
> Intra-individual variability of personality [working paper]
> SJT and personality assessment [ongoing research]
> Individual differences across cultures and sub-groups